Does Your Store Need Insulated Glass If You Keep Its Doors Open?

Despite the push to conserve energy and keep customers in a cool, comfortable environment that doesn't see huge temperature swings, some stores have found that keeping their doors open -- not just unlocked, but propped open -- creates a more welcoming ambiance. This obviously has an effect on the interior energy use of the store, and when it's time to replace the glass on the storefront, store owners may wonder if they really need to spring for insulated glass. [Read More]

Tinting Your Business's Windows

There are many changes that a business may need to make to its building in order for it to meet its needs. Some of these changes will be relatively major, while others will be far less intensive. For example, tinting the windows can be a beneficial upgrade that will be among the quickest and most cost-effective changes that a business can have made to its building. Why Would A Business Be Benefited By Window Tinting? [Read More]