Glass: The Difference Is Clear

5 Signs You Need To Replace The Windows In Your Commercial Building

Commercial windows need to be in good condition for both cosmetic and security purposes. Knowing when it's time to replace the windows is vital to any ongoing building maintenance plan.

1. Energy Waste

Old windows can lead to increased operational costs when it comes to heating and cooling your window. Not only are newer windows more energy efficient compared to older models, but those older windows have also likely suffered the effects of aging so they are even less energy efficient compared to when they were brand new. Insulated glass windows, especially those with coatings to reflect heat and UV sunlight, can reap major savings when it comes to energy usage.

2. Security Concerns

For most commercial properties windows, particularly those on the ground floor, need to be quite secure. Older windows may not be living up to your modern security needs. In this case upgrading to security glass, which is shatter-proof, may be a good idea. There are also glazing options that include metal screens embedded in the glass, which means that an intruder can't gain entry even if they do manage to break the glass.

3. Crack Damages

Cracked and chipped windows look bad, which can leave a negative impression on your customer base. They also pose a security and safety risk since windows that already have damage are much more likely to break easily. Replacing damaged windows promptly should always be at the top of your maintenance priority list. Depending on the extent of the damage your glazers may need to replace the whole window unit, or the repair could be as simple as replacing just the pane of glass.

4. Fogging Problems

Fogged-up windows are hard to see through, which makes your business property look bad and it can also discourage walk-in business from passers-by. Multi-pane windows can fog when the seals fail. Repair is typically replacement, although in some cases your glass service can drill a small hole in one pane to dry out the condensation. Then a valve is inserted in the hole to allow excess moisture out without letting new moisture in. 

5. Water Leaks

Water leaks around the edges of the window indicate seal or frame failure. If it's the sealant that holds the glass in place, then your glazer may be able to simply scrape out the old caulk and replace it with new. In the case of a failing frame, replacement of the entire window unit is recommended. 

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