Glass: The Difference Is Clear

Trendy Glass Door Styles For Bathrooms

If your bathroom renovation project will include replacing the shower door, consider some trendy glass styles that will support the upgrade. 

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are popular door products for bathrooms of all sizes. Glass panels are attached to the framework. A track rests beneath each glass piece. The track allows a glass door to effortlessly open and close.

Glass panels that are used with a sliding door setup can have a straight (rigid) or curved design. A compatible track system is installed with either type of glass product.

Trackless Doors

Trackless doors are designed to swing. A hinged design contains a glass panel that swings outward. A pivot design contains a glass panel that swings inward and outward. This type of door relies upon the use of metal brackets. The metal pieces are used to stabilize glass panels.

A trackless door style requires little upkeep, in comparison to a sliding door assembly that contains track pieces and multiple glass panels.

Steam Doors

Steam doors possess an airtight design. A steam door will consist of a glass panel that reaches the ceiling. Hinge pieces and gasket seals will stabilize a door and prevent hot steam from escaping.

This type of door will contain removable panels. The panels will be designed to attach to the top of the door. While someone is occupying the shower, they can remove the panels if they would like to allow air to enter the shower. The panels act as a venting system. 

Frameless Doors

Frameless doors can be designed to swing open and closed or to slide open and closed. Frameless doors do not contain visible hardware. The hardware is concealed with this type of door style. A frameless door style will give a bathroom an open and airy vibe.

Glass Products

Many types of glass can be used to design a shower door. Glass doors are typically constructed of tempered glass or safety glass. These types of glass can withstand heavy usage.

Glass can be tinted during the manufacturing process. The tint will darken the glass, providing an end user with privacy. Vinyl wraps are another product that will increase privacy. Vinyl that is added to glass will block anyone from seeing through the glass.

Textured glass is glass that contains a permanent design throughout its surface. When glass is manufactured, it is heated up. This makes the glass malleable. Rollers are used to press a design into each side of the glass.

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