Glass: The Difference Is Clear

Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About Commercial Glass Storefront Doors

Glass storefront doors are the best option for many commercial facilities. You shouldn't be dissuaded from choosing this door option because of inaccurate assumptions.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about commercial glass storefront doors. 

Commercial glass storefront doors create security risks at your commercial facilities.

Some business owners think that glass storefront doors are too prone to break-ins. Yet there are a lot of commercial glass storefront doors available that offer a high level of security thanks to strengthened safety glass and surveillance features such as CCTV cameras. 

Your utility costs will go up with commercial glass storefront doors.

Commercial glass storefront doors don't have to reduce the efficiency and raise the utility costs of your facility. Nowadays, double and triple-glazed glass doors are available that minimize energy loss. It's also important to note possible savings in lighting costs you'll enjoy from letting natural light in with glass storefront doors. 

Commercial glass storefront doors make injuries more likely.

Don't be discouraged from investing in glass storefront doors because you think that glass doors are hazardous. If you experience storms in your area that make it likely that your glass doors will be shattered, you should be able to board up your glass storefront doors to prevent injury from shattered glass. 

Your staff members will have to put a lot of work into maintaining commercial glass storefront doors.

Commercial glass storefront doors actually don't typically need a lot of maintenance. While your staff members might need to wipe down your glass storefront doors once in a while, light cleanings are typically the only type of maintenance that these doors need. 

Customers won't like the lack of privacy that goes along with commercial glass storefront doors.

You might think that privacy is a big concern for your customers. If this is the case, you can invest in tinted glass for your storefront doors that will provide more privacy. It's also important to consider that transparency might be much more important for your customers than privacy inside your facilities. 

 Glass storefront doors will lead to too much light or glare on the interior of your facility.

If there is bright sunlight shining directly on the front of your facility through much of the day, you might think that glass storefront doors will let too much light in. However, you could take advantage of features like sun-blocking glass film to allow a transparent storefront while also preventing excessive light and glare on your interiors. 

For more information about commercial glass storefront doors, contact a local company.