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3 Different Types Of Shower Doors You Should Consider

Shower doors are surprisingly some of the most overlooked components of a modern shower enclosure. When shopping for a shower door, it's crucial you look for features that stand out and bring out the personal appeal you yearn for. There are various types of glass shower doors you can consider. Each type of glass shower door has a distinctive feature that sets it apart from the rest. Here are some most reliable types of shower doors you can choose from.

Hinged Shower Doors

A hinged shower door works exactly like the regular doors around your house; only that shower doors are mainly glass in nature. They're designed with pivot joints to allow them to swing open easily anytime you want to get in or out of the shower. Despite having a conventional design, hinged shower doors are among the most versatile model options you can get in the market today.

Hinged shower doors fit various bathroom styles, including standalone showers and spacious family restrooms, among other bathroom styles. They, however, tend to be a perfect fit for larger bathrooms than the smaller ones. A better way of installing this type of shower door around your shower is using a glass base. This helps to boost the overall appeal of your bathroom area.

Swinging Shower Doors

A swinging shower door is also known as a pivot shower door and is among the most common shower doors homeowners pick today. There are two ways of installing this type of door. The first method involves mounting the door to swing open outwards into the bathroom. The second method involves mounting the door to swing open into the shower.

If your shower openings are too small to fit sliding shower doors, you can always use swinging shower doors as they take little space in your bathroom. If the door is smaller than the shower opening, it's recommended you fix the door parallel to some stationary panel or wall.

Sliding Shower Doors

This style consists of two to three panels sliding past one another on a track rail situated at the bottom and top of the tub. They take little of your bathroom's space and are among the most cost-effective shower doors you can buy.

A sliding shower door opens or closes when you slide it sideways. It's the most commonly used door for a bathroom with bathtub and shower combination and standalone showers. It's more convenient to use a sliding door than a hinged or swinging door when a bathtub is on the way.

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