Glass: The Difference Is Clear

Things To Consider When Picking New Glass Doors For Your Shower

Renovating areas in your home can create opportunities to upgrade things as you go. The bathroom is one room that is often forgotten, but sometimes little changes like installing or replacing shower doors can have a significant impact on the room. However, choosing the right doors is essential. 

Door Styles

Glass shower doors come in many different styles and designs, so picking a style you like for your bathroom can take a little time. It is crucial that you consider the doors and how the bathroom is used when looking at options.

A master bathroom used by one person or a couple may benefit from having clear doors that allow a lot of light into the shower and make the room feel more open. These doors may not be the best option for the main bathroom in your home, especially if there is a chance someone will come into the room while someone is showering in that bathroom. A door that is frosted will add more privacy and may be a better option.

Sliding or Swinging Doors

Choosing doors that open by sliding or swinging can make a difference for your bathroom. Showers that have large bathtubs as the base can support a broad set of sliding shower doors easily. The doors sit on the edge of the bathtub and are supported with a frame on the wall as well. They are available with many different designs on them or clear to let more light in, so choosing the sliding doors you like is not overly complicated. 

Swing shower doors are more common on stand up shower stalls or custom showers that do not have a tub base. It is vital that there is room in the bathroom for the doors to open and close, so smaller bathrooms may not be well suited to a swinging door. Take a look at the options available from a glass supplier or at a home center before ruling these doors out for your shower. 

Professional Installation

No matter which shower doors you choose, hiring a contractor to install the doors for you is an excellent option. The contractor will ensure that the doors are working properly and sealed correctly to keep the water in the shower when it is in use. Often sliding doors need the track attached to the tubside, and if the seal is not done right, they will leak under the track. 

If you are spending the time and money on bathroom renovations, getting the shower door appropriately installed is critical and can add to the enjoyment of using your new bathroom, especially the new shower.